09Jul, 21

How will the differences between Gen Z vs. Millennials impact business?

Gen Z vs. Millennials is an emerging workplace battle especially if businesses assume that the two generations are the same. “Generation Z” are generally people born between 1995 and 2012. This means they’re only just starting to enter a multigenerational workforce unlike Millennials, who have been integrated for many years already.There are indeed similarities between the two given their close succession. But as this younger generation makes their own impact on corporate culture, company policies need to adjust and facilitate the new …
01Jul, 21

3 Gen Z trends to watch out for: what managers should know

Gen Z trends are ever-changing and can be difficult to track and implement. This generation has grown up with fast-paced technology, so their latest interests also tend to move fast. Figuring out which trends are here to stay is key for managers to better connect with and motivate Gen Z employees. Gen Z trends that are making their markBleisure perks Business leisure, or “bleisure”, trips began as an incentive appreciated by Millennials. But it now stands out as one of the …
05May, 20

Redefining travel policies during a global crisis

Q&A with "Fun Luxury Rides" Global Head of Travel & Expense In the interest of keeping employees and their loved ones healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, and following the recommendations of major health organisations, key stakeholders at companies across the globe have redefined and expanded their policies surrounding travel, remote work and more. Creating new policies in a time of crisis can be challenging, as employers consider the impact these changes may have on the business as a whole. We interviewed our …
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